The Gizzu Nanometer Thermal Paste is perfect for building or maintaining your PC. Combining this paste with your CPU cooler will make sure you don’t reach exceeding temperatures during usage. Thanks to its high viscosity level it can be used to fill the microscopic gaps between your CPU and the heat sink which in turn allows for better conductivity and performance. It also supports operational temperatures of up to 280°. FEATURES: Exceptional thermal conductivity Improves Heat Transfer High Viscosity Perfect for Builds or Maintenance Up to 280° temperatures supported SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 4g Thermal Conductivity: >5.15 W/mK Thermal Impedance: <0.004 Viscosity: 12500 Specific Gravity: >3.25 Operational temperature: -30 to 280° Colour: Grey WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Gizzu GTG4G5 Nanometer Thermal Paste 4g – Grey x1

  • SKU: GTG4G5

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Warranty- 1 Year