The MSI MEG Z590 GODLIKE features high-bandwidth and low-latency onboard 10G Super LAN plus Intel 2.5G LAN for power users, while providing incredible data transfer speed faster than ever before. The MSI LAN Manager automatically classifies and prioritizes the latency-sensitive for your applications, giving you the best online experience with low latency. With years of experience, MSI is no stranger to building high-performance motherboards. Our R&D and engineering teams have reviewed countless designs, evaluated a wide selection of high-quality components, and developed products for reliability even under extreme conditions. High-performance MSI motherboards are loaded with advanced features and the latest technology to overwhelm any challenge at hand, no matter whether you’re a gamer, prosumer, or PC enthusiast. MSI conducts thorough memory testing with the most popular memory brands under extreme conditions to ensure your system runs stable no matter what. MSI motherboards are built with a variety of connectors to satisfy gamers. Dual Thunderbolt 4 ports, quadruple M.2 connectors, enhanced audio, advanced LAN and Wi-Fi networking capabilities, USB and Mystic Light turn any gaming experience with the GODLIKE into an immersive one. FEATURES: Supports 11th and 10th Gen Intel® Core™ / Pentium® Celeron® processors for LGA 1200 socket Supports DDR4 Memory, up to 5600(OC) MHz Extreme Power Design: INTERSIL digital PWM, direct 20 phases with 90A Smart Power Stage, Titanium Choke III and dual CPU power connectors to unleash the maximum performance. Premium Thermal Module: Wavy fin design, 8mm Heatpipe, 7W/mK thermal pads, Frozr Heatsink and Aluminum Backplate ensure the extreme performance with low temperature. Dual Thunderbolt 4 ports: Thunderbolt USB-C at true 40 Gb/s speeds, 8K display support, Daisy-Chaining and Multi-Port Accessory Architecture provide reliable connectivity and better user experience. Quadruple M.2 Connectors: Onboard 4x M.2 connectors for the maximum storage performance with one Lightning Gen 4 solution. Shield Frozr design keeps M.2 SSDs safe while preventing throttling, making them run faster. Dynamic Dashboard II: Built-in colourful OLED screen panel indicates the status of GODLIKE and shows off your own personality. Latest Network Solution: Onboard 10G Super LAN, Intel 2.5G LAN and the latest Wi-Fi 6E solution deliver the best online experience without lag. Full Armor Design: The revolutionary magnetic cover allow you to show off your PC building without messy cable when installing a great number of devices. Special Accessory: Exclusive accessories boost the performance and user experience – M.2 XPANDER-Z GEN 4 S, Tuning Controller and DIY Stands set. SPECIFICATIONS: CPU (Max Support): i9 Socket: 1200 Chipset: Intel® Z590 Chipset DDR4 Memory: 5600(OC)/ 5333(OC)/ 5000(OC)/ 4800(OC)/ 4600(OC)/ 4533(OC)/ 4400(OC)/ 4300(OC)/ 4266(OC)/ 4200(OC)/ 4133(OC)/ 4000(OC)/ 3866(OC)/ 3733(OC)/ 3600(OC)/ 3466(OC)/ 3400(OC)/ 3333(OC)/ 3300(OC)/ 3200(OC)/ 3000(OC) / 2933(JEDEC)/ 2666(JEDEC)/ 2400(JEDEC)/ 2133(JEDEC) MHz Memory Channel: Dual Dimm Slots: 4 Max Memory (GB): 128 PCI-E x16: 3 SATAIII: 6 M.2 Slot: 4 RAID: 0/1/5/10 LAN: 1x Aquantia® AQC107 10G LAN controller, 1x Intel® I225-V 2.5G LAN Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 Thunderbolt 4: 2x USB Type-C up to 40G, Charging support up to 5V/3A, 15W, 2x Mini DisplayPort input ports USB 3.2 Ports (Front): 1(Gen2, Type C), 4(Gen1, Type A) USB 3.2 Ports (Rear): 2(Gen2, Type A), 6(Gen1, Type A) USB 2.0 Ports (Front): 4 AUDIO Ports (Rear): 5+ Optical S/PDIF (Realtek® ALC4082 Codec + ESS SABRE9018Q2C combo DAC) DirectX:12 Form Factor: E-ATX SLI: Yes Crossfire: Yes Operating System: Support for Windows® 10 64-bit WHAT’S IN THE BOX: MSI MEG Z590 Godlike E-ATX Motherboard x1 M.2 Xander-Z Gen S x1 Tuning Controller x1 WiFi Antenna x1 DIY Stands set x1 Wiping Cloth x1 M.2 Screws/Standoff Sets x4 Screwdrivers x2 USB Drive x1 Cleaning Brush x1 SATA Cables x3 1 to 2 RGB LED Extension Y Cable x1 Corsair RGB LED Extension Cable x1 Rainbow RGB LED Extension Cable x1 Thermistor Cable x2 DP to Mini DP Cable x2 Cable Stickers Pack x1 MEG Stickers Pack x1 Quick Install Guide x1 User Manual x1 MSI Draw Pocket x1


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Warranty- 3 Years